NEWS 2011


Team Maffia at Clapham Race for Life

4000 ran, jogged and walked the Clapham Cancer Research UK Race for Life 5k and 10k events at Clapham Common.

It was warm and sunny. The course terrain was a mixture on grass and paths.

Singer Lisa Maffia, ex 'So Solid Crew' brought a group of friend to run in memory of her Mum. Team Maffia photo right.

Team Maffia included; Su-Elise Nash (Ex Mis-teeq), Alisha White (Britain's Next Top Model contestant) and Jakki Degg (Model).

Announcer Dean interviewed Lisa and Team Maffia on stage. Photo left Dean with some of the Team.

Miss England Alize Mounter ran the 5k. Photo left before the start.

She was supported by Mr England. Photo right at the Finish.

Hypsync performed their routines on stage. Photo left.

Christelle Kelley (Photo right) and her band entertained the 5k participants.

Below the start of the 5K.

The race was organised by
Louise Needham (Photo right)
helped by a large group on volunteers.

Photo below of the finish volunteers who
gave out goody bags, water and medals
to all the participants.

The first 2.5K was mostly on grass.

There were many families completing the course (Above).

The costumes were colourful.

Left Pink tops and Blue Skirts.

Right Flowers and Grapes.

Below a group of Friends before the 10K.

Right this Mum was proud of her 12 year old daughter completing her first 5K.

This was the last race of the season for Cancer Research UK Staff and volunteers (Below).

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Finsbury Park Race for Life

Over 3000 ran, jogged and walked the two Cancer Research UK Race for Life events at Finsbury Park. On Saturday it was 10k and on Sunday 5k.

The race was organised by Fiona Murray, photo left, on stage for her speech.

It was sunny and dry for the races.

Popdance led the participants in a dance routine. (Right)

Dancers from 'Dance for Life' entertained the crowds. (Left)

Christelle Kelley and her Band performed before the race and again as the participants finished. (Below)

Above the start.

Photo right is of the 10k winner.

First and second posed for a photo, happy to have finished. (Left)

All finishers received a medal. (Below)

Above five friends finish together.

Wonderwoman displays her medal after the finish. (Right)

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11000 at Hyde Park Race for Life

11,000 ran, jogged and walked the Hyde Park Cancer Research UK Race for Life.

The race was organised by Kirsty Wilde, photo left on stage.

Participants braved changeable conditions, from sunshine to heavy rain.

Entertainment included PopDance (Below right) and HipSync (Below left).

Cancer Research Scientist went on stage to talk about their work.

Below left two participants relaxing before the start.

Below right this lady attended Race for Life on her birthday.

Celebrities attending were Ex-Hollyoaks actress Loui Batley, Waterloo Road actress Zaraah Abrahams and Heart presenters Jamie Theakston and Harriet Scott. Loui and Zaraah photo above with; Jennifer Jenks in her latest Race for Life costume, Celebrity Liaison Manager Kara Smith (2nd from left) and friends.

Jennifer led the race initially but came second after being overtaken by Santara, who was an elite 400/800m runner in Lithuania before having a daughter and moving to London four years ago.

Jennifer photo right and the Santara left.

There were many colourful costumes.

Covered in ballons (left) and four Supergirls (right).

Groups of friends completed the course together (below).

Many carried messages. (Right)

Everyone received medals for completing the course. (Left)

The Course Team after after taking down the course. (Below)

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Hammersmith Race for Life

2500 turned up at Wormwood Scrubs for the Hammersmith Cancer Research UK Race for Life.

The participants had the option to run 5K or 10K on the flat parkland course.

The race was organised by Julie Braithwaite, left on stage before the race.

Dancers entertained the crowd. (Left)

Hipsync performed their routines on stage
and later came back to lead the warmup. (Right)

Celebrities on the day were the Spice Girls. (Right)

Scientists from the nearby hospital attended and spoke on stage about their work for Cancer Research UK. (Below Left)

Sarah was the announcer, photo below right interviewing participants for their reasons for being involved in raising sponsorship.

Local Army Cadets gave out medals, goody bags and water in the finish funnels. (Above)

All ages attended,
left in the warm up.

Right two of the many Bunny Ears.

Photo above of the start. Runner 10618 was eventually first in the 5k.

There were many families.

Left more Ears.

Right walking the 5k with an extra load.

Half ran, jogged or walked
a second lap to complete 10k.

After 7k still going strong and smiling.

The weather was changable. Sunny, cloudy. Even a little rain did not stop the finishers enjoying the event.

Left Wonderwoman shows off her medal.

Below a well earned sit on the grass after the event.

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Over 11,000 in Blackheath Race for Life

11,000 ran, jogged and walked the Blackheath Cancer Research UK Race for Life 5k and 10k. 8500 completed the morning 5k and 2500 in the afternoon 10k.

The race was organised by Louise Needham, photo left on stage. Louise was assisted by a large team of CRUK Staff and volunteers. Some of the volunteers photo below.

The course was changed for 2011. A loop was added along Talbot Place which allowed for an improved atmosphere in the final 500m and finish for both participants and spectators. (Photos below)

As usual there were many colourful and unusual costumes.

Cow costumes right and couple of the many wings left.

First of many dogs in the 10k race was a Dalmatian. (Below left)

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Over 4000 in Enfield Race for Life

Over 4000 ran, jogged and walked the Enfield Cancer Research UK Race for Life at Trent Park.

The race was organised by Louise Needham, photo left with the announcer for the day, Sarah.

Ex Holby actress Phoebe Thomas again attended her home race.

Photo right of Phoebe with Enfield Parks manager Hakema Anderson.

Singer/songwriter Clinton Tavares performed before the start.

There were many colourfull costumes.

Phoebe Thomas came first for
the third year running.

Left this runner was happy
to finish in the top ten.

More costumes;

Above Pirates,

Left Ears,

Right Dots.

Just before the 4K a

photo in front of the Obolisk.

At the end of the race everyone received their medals.

Below photo from the stage of the warm up.
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Fantastic Crystal Palace Race for Life

Over 2500 participants turned out for the Cancer Research UK Crystal Palace Race for Life.

The Atmosphere was great for the start and finish in the National Athletics Stadium.

The first three finished together after running the 5K course.

The course was through historic Crystal Palace Park. Including; paths that used to be the Crystal Palace motor racing circuit, the ski slope through the woods, the ruins of the Crystal Palace, the lake and the Dinosaurs.

The commentator at Crystal Palace

was radio presenter MC Timmy.

The race was organised by Liz Frisby assisted by CRUK staff and a large group of volunteers.

Left happy to finish in the top ten.

Below the Charlie Rivers Band entertained prior to the race.

Popdance led the crowd in a dance routine.

The course passed the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs in the last Kilometre.

Groups of friends pose

at the dinosaurs for a photo.

Left another photo with the dinosaurs.

Below everyone waves for the Camera.

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Sunny Regents Park

The sun came out for the Regents Park Cancer Research UK Race for Life.

Photo left Heart London announcer Neil Bentley with the celebrities.

Celebrities were Linda Barker, Lindsay Armaou (B Witched), Roxanne McKee and Loui Batley (Hollyoaks).

Also in the photo is race winner Kim (1651).

Drum group Bangon entertained before the race.

Popdance took the participants through a dance routine (Below right) before the warmup (Below left)

The celebrities led the participants on to the course at the start.

There were many colourful costumes.

Left these three went round on horses.

Below left a couple of animals escaped from the zoo.

Below right race organiser Fiona Murray on stage.

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Nell McAndrew first at Battersea

4000 ran walked and jogged the 2011 Battersea Cancer Research UK Race for Life.

Paula Radcliffe and Leanne Grose spoke on stage.

Paula photo left with Heart London announcer Toby Anstis.

Cancer Research UK promoted 'Shine'. The London Shine, a marathon walk, will be at starting and finishing at the O2 arena later this year.

Ann and Julia have now completed all 18 Battersea Race for Life events. Photo below right with Leanne Grose.

Stilt walkers were part of the pre-race entertainment.

The celebrities included; Nell McAndrew, Michelle Heaton, Maria Fowler and Kate Walsh.

Nell finished first.

Finishing is all that matters.

Photo right the last group.

There were many colourful costumes.

All ages participated to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

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Battersea Race for Life

The Battersea Cancer Research UK Race for Life is on Wednesday 18th May. Battersea was the first ever Race for Life event and is now in its 18th year. Julia and Ann will be continuing their run of participating in every Battersea race. Julia and Ann photo right with last years race winner, ex Holby City actress Phoebe Thomas.

This years race is being organised by Louise Needham, photo left with Paula Radcliffe. Paula will be at this years event.

Celebrities at this years race include; Liz McClarnon, Kate Walsh and Leanne Grose.

There will be plenty to entertain before the race, on stage and in the Cancer Research UK Market Place.

Over 3500 have entered so far. There is still time to enter for this years event Enter online at:

London Cancer Research UK Events 2011

New for 2011 are Race for Life events at Hillingdon and Alexandra Palace. There will be 10k options at Blackheath, Wormwood Scrubs, Finsbury Park and Clapham Common Race for Life events.