NEWS 2010


3500 at Victoria Park 10k

3500 turned out to run the Victoria Park Cancer Research UK Run 10k.

There was blue sky and sunshine. Combined with the cool air conditions were good for the flat course.

Celebrities Lee McQueen (The Apprentice) and Linda Barker ran the race. Photo right of Lee and Linda with Rosemary Conley warmup instructor Lindsey Peters.

A team of Cancer Research UK Scientists ran the race. Before the start they were on stage to tell the participants of their work.

Right last weeks Crystal Palace Run 10k winner finished the race 3rd.

Left complete with devils horns these three pose for the camera.

Below left these participants had been to the face painting stand.

Below right the joggers wave before starting the race.

Everyone was happy to finish.

500m to go for this wheelchair competitor.

Below the 3500 in front of the stage.

Under the trees with 200m to go.

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Sunny Crystal Palace 10k

Over 1000 turned out for the Crystal Palace Cancer Research UK Run 10K.

The sun came out for CRUK's best London venue.

The multi-terrain course started and finished in the National Athletics Stadium. The course was in the Historic Crystal Palace park. The course included sections of the Crystal Palace Motor Racing course, the ski slope, sections passed the remains of the Crystal Palace and dinosaur Park in the lake section.

After lining up the participants and crowd waved for the camera. (Right)

Above left a view from the stage.

Right the Aerobic warmup instructors.

Left a group of friends before the start.

As the runners left the stadium they passed under the bridge.

Everyone was happy.

Left just after 9k.

Right on the downhill section after the station.

Above Finish Manager Fiona with her brownie helpers.

Left the first youngster back, finishing in the top 10.

Right the first three.

Below a large team represented Malaysia.

Above escaping the dinosaurs!

Right everyone was happy to have received their finishing medals.

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Hampton Court 10k

3500 braved the rain to run the Cancer Research UK 10k at Hampton Court.

Philip Taylor (The Apprentice) and Nell McAndrew ran the race. Kate Walsh (The Apprentice) started the race.

The scenic course was wet and muddy.

Cheerleaders Pom Crazy performed for the crowd before the start.

The race was organised by Kirsty Wilde.

In the last kilometre the runners passed the Palace.

Right the 3500 in front of the stage.

Army cadets handed out medals at the finish. Photo below.

Lindsey Peters from Rosemary Conley led the warmup. Lindsey also ran the 10k.

Nell McAndrew was first woman, finishing in under 40 minutes. Photo below after the finish.

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First Clapham Race for Life

Clapham Common hosted the first Clapham Cancer Research UK Race for Life.

There were two races. The 10k race started at 9am and the 5K at 11am.

It rained for the 10k race.

Photo right in the rain, two happy 10k participants.

Above before the 5k a team of cowgirls. The rain had stopped and the clouds cleared for a sunny 5k.

Left is regular Race for Life participant Jennifer Jenks.

Jennifer lead the 10k event for 9k wearing this years Air Hostess costume.

Jennifer was passed in the final kilomere by the fast finishing winner (Right).

The rain did not stop the warmup.

Everyone enjoyed it just the same.

A film crew were at the event, filming for next years Race for Life Commercial.

Left the 5k participants being filmed.

While the 10k runners ran in the cool rain, the 5k runners had to cope with warmer conditions.

There was 2000 in each event. A good turnout for the first year of this event.

While the 5k was on these two 10k runners were happy to have finished and receive their medals.

The race was oorganised by Vicki Calliari (Right) supported as usual by a large team of Volunteers and Cancer Research UK staff.

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10K at Finsbury Park

1000 arrived for the Saturday Finsbury Park Race for Life 10k.

It was warm and sunny. The 2 lap undulating course was on tarmac and grass.

The race was organised by Kirsty Wilde, photo right on the stage steps during the warmup.

There were many tutus and cowboy hats. These two had the most colourful combination (Left).

There were many happy finishers (Right).

On Sunday 2000 ran, walked and jogged the Finsbury Park 5K.

Photo right the 2000 in front of the stage before the warmup.

This group friends decided to wear costume for the 5K.

On Saturday and Sunday "Pop Dance" got the paticipants to join them in a dance routine.


There were all ages, right three of the younger participants.

Everyone was happy to finish the 5K course (Below left)

After the finish everyone received their goody bags, water and medals (Below right)

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13,000 at Hyde Park

13,000 turned out for the 2010 Hyde Park Race for Life.

The race was organised by Vicki Calliari, pictured right with singer Josh Dubouie who entertained the participants as they went to the start.

The celebritys at the event were Philip Taylor and Kate Walsh from the Apprentice, Leanne Grose, Liz McClarnon and Kayney. Below left Philip, Leanne Grose and Kate. Leanne told of her battle against cancer to the crowd. Philip started the race.

Below right Liz and Kayney just after 3k.

It was the biggest crowd of the year.

It was also the largest team of volunters of the year. Almost 70 marshaled the course and many more helped in the start, finish main event arena.

Heart London provide the anouncers for the day. Michael Taboulsi was at the finish. Photo above left with finish manager Amy.

Above right these two took the easy option and completed the course on their horses.

Right stilt walkers in with the perticipants.

There were many colourful and interesting costumes (Left and above).

Everyone was happy after completing the course and receiving their medals (Right).
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New Race at Wormwood Scrubs

1700 turned up for the first Wormwood Scrubs (Hammersith) 5k and 10k Race for Life.

It was hot and sunny for the race. A cool breeze helped participants.

The race was organised by Louise Needham.

Before the race Lindsey Peters lead the warmup assisted by the Nivea male cheerleaders.

Lindsey then run the 5k race, finishing third.

Right the first 10k runner finished in under 42 minutes, well clear of the next 10k runner.

After finishing 1st the 5k winner received her goody bag and medal from one of the youngest volunteers. (Left)

With 500 metres to go this group of friends had time to stop for a photo.

After being out in the sun the last 1k was in the shade of the trees.

Left the best Pink hair of the day.

Right on the way home two happy participants display their medals.

The 1700 women waved for the camera.

All ages were at Wormwood Scrubs.

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13,000 at Blackheath

A total of 13,000 ran, walked and jogged the Blackheath Race for life 5k and 10k. 10,000 in the morning 5k and 3000 for the afternoon 10k.

It was warm and sunny. A strong breeze kept everyone cool.

Left photo of paticipants before the 5k.

Photo right, after the race this group of friends display their medals.

Below left the Cancer Research UK Scientists extract DNA from strawberries.

Four runners complete the 5k together hand in hand. (Below right)

Out on the course at 1k a drum band perform for the participants.

1,000,000 will be raised from sponsorship at Blackheath.

Race organiser at Blackheath was Jemma Molloy. Photo right with Stage manager Susie and the Heart London announcer.

Someone has to come in last (Below). But completing the course and raising money for Cancer Research UK is all that matters. And you do get your photo taken with your medals and a few volunteers!

A judo team completed the 5k.

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7600 at Richmond

Over the weekend 7600 women ran, jogged and walked in three Richmond Race for Life events, one Saturday and two Sunday.

Nell McAndrew was at the Sunday morning race. Before the race Nell spoke on stage.

Nell finished first in a personal best time of 19 minutes.

Over 800,000 was raised at Richmond for Cancer Research UK.

A 70's group entertained at the Saturday Race. They performed while the participants arrived and again as they completed the race.

Below left a team from 'Keeping Youth Active'.

Below right Sisters who have participated in many London Race for Life events over the years.

These Army girls went round the

course together in full kit.

The largest Richmond Race ever was the

Sunday morning race with 4000 participants.

The field was a sea of people for the warmup.

Many participants were completing the course for friends and relatives.

These two Supporting Sharon.

A team from the show Wicked ran the 5k course.

These two made the challenge harder by completing three legged.

The race was organised by Vicki Calliari.

Vicki pictured right with start finish manager Kelly.

Over the three races she was assisted by 100's of volunteers.
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Eastenders at Enfield

Nina Wadia who plays Zainab Masood in Eastenders was at the Enfield Race for Life. She was there with daughter Tia. Nina spoke to the paticipants before the race.

Cancer survivor Molly started the race (Below left).

At the finish she was met by Eastenders Thomas Law (Peter Beale) and Himesh Patel (Tamwar Masood) (Below right)

Phoebe Thomas also spoke on stage. Since leaving Holby she has been coaching running, see Left is Phoebe with three of her runners. Phoebe finished first in just over 20 minutes, her fastest time for the challenging 5k multi-terrain course.

Below left is the anouncer for the day Nicola Bonn of Heart London and Race Organiser Kirsty Wilde.

Below right happy finishers displaying their medals.

Above the participants in front of the stage wave for the photo.

Right a close finish for four of the runners.

After 3.5K a photo in front of the Obelisk.

The Army Cadets helped gave out medals, goody bags and water at the finish.

Trent Park Runners marshaled the course.

There were over 50 other volunteers helping from setup at 5am till clearing away at 3pm.
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4000 in City of London

4000 turned out for the 2010 City of London Race for Life. For the second year the race started and finished on London Wall.

The race was organised by Jemma Molloy supported by Cancer Research UK staff and over 100 volunteers.

The runners waved for the camera before the start.

Simon from Heart London joined the participants and City of London police before the warm up (Below).

Happy participants.

A banana was running the race (Left).

Go Go Girls was the message from these two (Right)

Left the runners head away from the start.

There were all ages running, jogging and walking to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Below some of the many ears and wings.
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New Start and Course for Crystal Palace

There were changes for this years Crystal Palace Race for Life. The start/finish was moved to the main straight. This made for a better atmosphere for both participants and spectators. Out on the course changes included a loop of the Crystal Palace Terraces, a section through the woods on the site of the old ski slope and for the first time a loop was added so the participants passed the Dinosaur Park.

The race was organised by Louise Needham (Photo left).

Right is a view of the start from the bridge.

The Cancer Research UK events team were assisted by a large group of volunteers.

Below a local Brownie group who gave out medals, goody bags and water after the finish.

Left a few of many Pink Tutus.

Below left three friends relaxing before the race.

Swing dancers entertained the crowd before and after the race (Below).

Left two runners happy to finish.

Right Four friends finish hand in hand.

Below the 3,500 participants wave for the camera.
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Julia and Ann Continue Battersea Run

Julia Gristwood and Ann Livings continued their run of completing every Battersea Race for Life.

Photo right of Julia and Ann with Holby City actress Phoebe Thomas.

Phoebe finished first in a personal best time of 19 minutes 17 second.

Paula Radcliffe, pictured left with Stage Manager Louise Needham, ran the race finishing in the top ten.

Paula's daughter Isla also complete the 5k course (Photo right).

Leanne Grose went on stage to tell her story to the crowd.

After finishing she stayed at the finish to congatulate all the finishers.

Leanne will be at the City of London Race for Life on 13 June.

These two finished the race on Spacehoppers.

One of the largest group was from Morehouse School.

Four of them pictured right, one of the group dress as a Ketchup bottle.

As usual there were many different and colourful costumes.

Hawaiian Grass skirts below left and Angels below right.

The Runnymede Hospital Team.

The Cancer Research UK Market Place attracted a lot of visitors. (Left)
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Jennifer's 2010 costume at Regents Park Race for Life

Jennifer Jenks revealed her new costume at the 2010 Regents Park Race for Life. In the last two years she has run as Supergirl and a Nun. This year she turned out as an Air Hostess. Jennifer finish third.

A capacity 5000 ran, jogged and walked the 5k course. It was hot and sunny.

The race was organised by Vicki Calliari.

Photo left a group of friends before the start.

The view from the stage was impressive (Below).

The participants and supporters filled the field.

There were all sorts of costumes,

in every different colour.

There were a lot of Pink wigs. These two happy to be in the final kilometre.

Supergirl continued her record of running every London race (Below left)

Any colour as long as its Pink (Below right)

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Jennifer's Costume 2010

Race for Life runner Jennifer Jenks has run and raise money for Cancer Research UK at many Race for Life and 10k events in London.

In 2008 Jennifer ran as Supergirl, her best finish was first at Regents Park.

In 2009 running as a Nun Jennifer was first at 2009's best London Race for Life, on the new City of London Course starting at London Wall.

Jennifer has ordered her 2010 costume, which will be revealed at the Regents Park Race for Life on 22 May. Jennifer is also running 5k at Hyde Park on 18th of July. On the 31st of July she will be running the 10k option at Clapham.

Jennifer's training is going well. Jennifer finished the London Marathon in 3 hours 38 minutes and 54 seconds , her 3rd fastest time. Only two weeks after London Jennifer finished the Halstead Marathon within 8 minutes of her London time.


First O2 Race for Life

The O2 at Greenwich hosted a new London Race for Life. The event was televised for SKY 1 HD. The program will be shown later this week presented by Angela Griffin.

Photo of Angela on stage below.

SKY interviewed participants for the program. (Photo below right)

A team from Womens Fitness magazine ( ran the 5k course.

Lemar started the race.

Celebritys were out in force.

Left the celebritys at the start.

Below right two Cowgirls happy to have finished.

First to finish was Holby City actress Phoebe Thomas.

She completed the course in just over 20 minutes.

For photos from the O2 Greenwich: PHOTOS

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London Cancer Research UK Events 2010

Becky Lomax again heads the London region. This years race organisers are Rosannah Dawood, Jemma Molloy, Vicki Calliari, Kirsty Wilde and Louise Needham.

New for 2010 are Race for Life events at Wormwood Scrubs, Clapham Common and Finsbury Park. There will be 10k options at Blackheath, Wormwood Scrubs, Finsbury Park and Clapham Common Race for Life events.